Medical Billing Services

We’ll solve your reimbursement puzzle.

  • Charge Entry

    Getting paid fast starts here. We'll ensure you capture the correct patient demographics, payer and encounter information to accelerate payment.

  • Certified Medical Coding

    Our medical coders lookup the correct ICD-10 and CPT codes using advanced software to ensure claims are clean and correct the first time.

  • Secondary Insurances

    We automatically bill any secondary and tertiary payers. We follow the cash no matter where it may lead.

  • Claims Follow-Up

    Aggressive, effective denied claims appeal. We won’t take no for an answer.

  • Payment Posting

    We audit each ERA/EOB for correct payment and post paper remittances.

  • Patient Billing

    We print and mail out beautiful patient statements on your behalf.

  • Analytics

    Financial performance dashboards with custom reports delivered to your inbox.

  • Virtual Office Assistant

    Speak with patients, schedule appointments, check insurance eligibility and all other front-office tasks.

Powerful Analytics

Gain access to the critical financial information you need to monitor your practice operations.

  • Our executive dashboard gives you a real-time view into office visit trends, gross charges, net collections and pending accounts receivables
  • Click-through reporting allows you to benchmark your practice’s performance over various time periods and drill-down into charges by facility or provider
  • Check reimbursement levels by payer to proactively manage your payer mix
  • Use your existing practice management system or switch to our preferred cloud system
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Dedicated Client Manager

Your Partners for Success James                           Ashley                            Victoria

Not only has it been more cost efficient for us to have them handle our billings, they are also experts at working with our electronic health record vendor, eClinicalworks. Transitioning from in-house billing to their team was easy and took less than 1 week. In addition, moving from an in-house billing team of 3 employees to their team of 25 quickly improved our bottom line. Their monthly reports help me better administer the practice. They are one of the best medical billing companies out there.”

Dr. Joseph Johnson Internal Medicine
Pueblo, CO

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