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“Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple,
Albert Einstein

  • Personalized
    Customer Service

    From on-boarding to managing every day requests, you'll receive a dedicated support specialist with 15+ year experience. You'll even have our cell phone numbers.

  • Seamless
    Technology Integration

    We know all the major electronic health records and practice management systems. We can also bring our own cloud-based system if you choose.

  • 24/7/365

    You'll never have to tell your staff to stay late or come in early again. We work around the clock focused on your claims and transcripts.

  • Become a
    Cash Cow

    We will significantly improve your net collections and reduce overhead costs. We do this by coupling newer, cloud-based technologies with good old fashioned grit.

Just a Few of our Clients

Our Clients Say It Best

We are overwhelmed by what our customers have to say about us. We are truly grateful for their kind words.

  • After I left my group practice to start my own practice, my BEST DECISION was to partner with EchoScribe to manage my accounts receivables. I was able to focus on building my practice while EchoScribe made sure I got paid. Since I could focus on growing my practice instead of the tedious work of hiring and maintaining a billing staff, I’ve grown to adding 2 new partners.

    Dr. Clemens E. Hallmann Family Practice Associates
  • I have been using EchoScribe’s dictating services for a long time and I am EXTREMELY SATISFIED with their work. The setup was very easy, and the customer service is always prompt and of high quality. It is nice to have someone to talk to whenever I call, and they always answer right away. The dictations are very well written with no errors and are ready the next day. Best of all, I have found the price to be excellent! Overall, I would easily recommend them to any Doctor or business.

    Dr. J.P. Souaid, MD Ottawa Ear Clinic

EHR & PM System Prowess

We are very proficient using new and older systems alike so your patient
charts and medical billing gets taken care of without a hitch.

Pick Which Plan is Right For You

Medical Billing

Group Pricing

Large group practice
plans start at 3.99% of net collections

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Individual Pricing

High-volume solo
doctors start at 4.99% of net collections

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Medical Transcription

Group Pricing

Large group practice
plans start at $0.08 per transcribed line

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Individual Pricing

High-volume solo
doctors start at $0.10 per transcribed line

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