Vascular Billing is Not for Everyone

Vascular billing is complicated. Most office billers only know how to bill things one way. But there are many ways to bill this specialty and optimize collections. We have the benefit of working with vascular surgeons across the country. That’s why you would want to hire a firm like ours. We are experts at vascular billing. We collect millions of dollars each year for our vascular surgeon clients. We would love to bring that collective experience to your practice. So what makes vascular billing so special, you ask?


The Little Things Get Forgotten

Unfortunately, many billers in vascular offices unintentionally discount or fail to recognize many of the specialized procedures their physicians perform on their patients. A debridement is a procedure that is often performed in vascular offices, however it is often overlooked when patient’s visits are being billed. The debridement of eschar or necrotic tissue can be time consuming, but far too often the time spent removing tissue to prepare for the application of a wet to dry dressing is often overlooked and not accounted for. Clear documentation describing details regarding the debridement and the time that it took to perform it along with the application of the proper codes could make a huge difference in reimbursement rates.


Often times physicians will code that a patient has diminished DP and PT pulses in a foot, but don’t provide any if the necessary elements of their examination to support their claim. If a handheld Doppler was to help determine the diagnoses then it should be coded. If the patient is diabetic and the initial evaluation was performed using a monofilament was used, it should also be documented and coded.


Coders Must Know the Human Anatomy

Anatomy is critical. The circulatory system is complex.  The number and complexity of all of the vessels in the trees can be daunting.  Our vascular surgery coders must understand second and third order vessels well to be able to pick the appropriate codes.  Small changes in sister or cousin vessels result in completely different CPT codes. You don’t want your biller to have to ask you questions about the operative report to understand where the vascular surgeon went. The multiple bypasses configurations also make coding vascular procedures extremely complicated.  Did you bypass some routes?  Where did you come from and where did you end up? How many bifurcations did you pass?


This, of course, presents challenges in documentation.  An experienced vascular billing company will work with its surgeons in order to ensure they are documenting not only everything required for compliance, but everything to ensure that the coding allows the maximum reimbursement for the work that was done.  As a vascular billing service, we can leverage our experience to optimize your reimbursement and and obtain better compliance.


The Constantly Changing Rules

The rules are changing with respect to vascular coding bundling. Plus there are annual changes from Medicare, the AMA as well as all of the different payers.  Some payers adopted the bundling of 2012 while others still have not for example.  Knowing all of these rules is critical for a vascular surgery billing company in order to optimize revenue cycle management.


The rules have undergone a great deal of changes recently and will continue to do so in the coming years.  Many procedures that were billed individually in past are now bundled into one CPT.  Staying on top of these changes is a great deal of work and there are huge economies of scale.  When we track and monitor coding changes for our vascular surgery billing clients, we do this for all of our clients, which is far more cost effective than each practice doing it themselves.  Staying on top of changes in general and vascular surgery billing is important and shortcuts generally fail.  This is why choosing the right vascular billing service from the beginning is critical.


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